Kirsten Brown


Kirsten Brown graduated with a masters in Osteopath having trained at the UCO (formerly BSO), the first founded Osteopathic school in Europe. She is also a qualified sports massage therapist which has led her to work with a range of athletes, from runners training for the London marathon, to professional basketball players in the BBL.

Kirsten has a keen interest in a wide range of sports, with a particular interest in gymnastics having trained and competed nationally. Through her work in the sporting world she is able to combine sports massage with her osteopathic training and techniques and focus them towards restoring and promoting the working functionality of the body. 

Kirsten has gained a qualification in sports taping which can be used as a complementary therapy to her osteopathy and spots massage techniques. She has used these techniques on people from all walks of life, from office workers, to recreational athletes to elite athletes. 

Another passion of Kirsten’s is working with expectant mothers both pre and post birth. She believes in the importance of taking care of the mother throughout the whole pregnancy to ensure as smooth a birth and recovery as possible. The aim is to relieve any aches and pains effectively to allow the mothers to enjoy this exciting time in life. She completed her qualification in pregnancy massage, as well as working regularly in the expectant mothers clinic at the UCO whilst training as an osteopath.

Kirsten Brown
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