Function, Healing & Relaxation



the working of superficial and deeps layers of muscles and connective tissue

Massage uses various techniques, to enhance function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and wellbeing. The word comes from the Arabic “massa” meaning to touch, feel or handle. At Rising Health, we offer a variety of massage treatments.

Sports Massage
Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, if you love your sport then visit us for a “sports massage”. We can tailor a treatment session that is specific to you and your sport to both prevent and relieve injuries and post-game soreness. Sports massage is ideal for loosening muscle groups, regaining flexibility and prevents strains occurring.

Pregnancy Massage
For the mums-to be, our “Pregnancy massage” therapist uses a combination of massage techniques specifically designed to help ease the tensions and pains you may be experiencing as your baby grows (available from the start of the second-trimester through to full term).

Remedial Massage
If you have been experiencing muscle pain or tightness ask for “Remedial massage”. A remedial massage delivers a combination of gentle and firm techniques to loosen tight bands of muscle and ease muscle aches.

Relaxation Massage
If you have had a stressful week, our relaxation massage will leave you feeling refreshed and energised.

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