Massage, Sports Massage, Nutrition, Personal Training


Mel Ball

Massage, sports massage, nutrition advisor, Personal trainer 

Mel is passionate about all sports and as a hockey player in the Ladies National Premier League for the past 10 years, she understands how important physical activity is to people’s lives. Mel has had several serious injuries during her career and so is able to empathize with her clients and appreciates the importance of returning to your peak and looking after your body. Whatever your goal, be it going about normal daily activities without any pain or returning to competition level, Mel will get to know you and your needs and treat you accordingly. 

Her specialties include sports Injuries, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, joint mobilization as well as pre-& post event massage.

Instagram: @melballfitness2202



·     Sports Massage Therapist

·     BSc Sports Science & Exercise

·     L3 Diploma Personal Training

·     Nutrition consultant

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