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Enhancing your performance and wellbeing

A form of electrotherapy (Neuromuscular Electro Stimulation), Compex is used to improve your performance and wellbeing. Compex are clinically proven and are recognised by physical therapists and doctors working in the fields of pain relief, rehabilitation, performance and professional sports across the world. Muscle stimulation is not used in isolation, but as an adjunct to other prescribed treatments to improve their effectiveness. The Compex units we have are very easy to use and allow continuation of rehabilitation while away from the clinic.


Trial or buy a Compex Unit

We have Compex units at our clinic, which we use as part of our holistic approach  to treatments

Rising Health are Compex Partners. You can trial and buy a Compex muscle stimulation unit from us to help with your rehabilitation and training. We have Compex 2.0, Compex 4.0 and Compex 8.0 in stock.

Contact us now to arrange a trial rental or arrange to buy a Compex Unit.

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Steve Grant Health

A London-based Nutritionist trained in Functional Medicine

After graduating with a 1st in Sports Science in 2005, Steve began working as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Following two years of mentoring from a Functional Medicine Practitioner, and after his own health challenges, Steve focused his efforts entirely on nutrition, introducing functional medicine into his practice. 

Steve specialises in working with clients with both health complaints and physique goals. His specialist areas include weight loss; digestive health; injury recovery; irritable bowel syndrome; type 2 diabetes and biosignature modulation.

His approach, which looks to build a patient and practitioner partnership helps to uncover the underlying causes of dysfunction to optimise performance and health.  He can work with almost any patient from any background and is currently working with both high performance athletes and many individuals working within film and TV. 

Based out of three clinics, Steve currently has availability in Central London - Marylebone and clinics in Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

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