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James has one of the best hands in the business. In terms of treatment he has an instinctive ability to know what you need and how to deliver it. My body always feels sharp and ready to perform after a session with him

Performance therapy

Also known as trackside therapy and pitchside therapy

Performance therapy is a world leading, hands-on therapy that's tailor-made for elite sports.  It is specifically designed to optimise an athlete’s performance, both in training and competition.

Performance therapy is widely seen within areas that reflect injury prevention management.  These areas include trackside cover for athletes, pitchside cover for football/rugby players, the gymnasium as well as the movie set for stunt men and women.

Performance therapy is distinctly different from other forms of therapy. It is not intended to replace clinical assessments or active warm up, but to integrate therapists within a training environment in order to ascertain a broader understanding of that athlete.

Performance therapy packages may include daily treatments alongside training sessions, or a once a week treatment.  Treatments are tailored specifically to coincide with the athlete's goals. 

Much like the goals of training, performance therapy is designed to understand the kinetics of an athlete and is governed by a supporting team of professionals.  Therefore, performance therapists work closely with coaching staff and allied health professionals within the athletic arena to correct and improve therapeutic modalities and training strategies.

  •  We observe athletes before, during and after training
  • Through feedback from our support team, we can cover areas of specific concern, as well as identify early warning signs that may have otherwise led to injury.  Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of the pathology and cause of an injury is required for an appropriate diagnosis, prognosis or further referral to a relevant clinician or doctor
  • Assessments are made through musculoskeletal screening and palpation
  • Interventions may be given during sessions to improve joint mobility and sports specific movements
  • This allows an athlete to improve critical movement patterns and optimise performance

After the training phase...

Where do you want to get to?

The common goal is to develop a unique and well established routine that is tailor specific to an athlete within their discipline to better manage their body's around training sessions when competing.

Each routine will often consist of postural alignment and optimising movement in order to get the body fit to perform.

Athletes that include Mo Farah and Usain Bolt all have a pre-race therapy routine that their teams have rehearsed, by which the athlete, coach and medical staff integrate and coexist. This three dimensional communication is a vital to the success of an athlete.

You can visit our athlete page to see what else we can help with, including sleep hygiene, nutritional strategies, or recovery strategies. 

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