Training & Performance Programmes

Our Training Packages are designed to identify the contributory factors to performance barriers and determine the correct approach for overcoming them. Consisting of an integrated set of evaluation tools and exercise prescriptions, specific to activity and fitness level, the contents of each package are based on expert input and our sound knowledge of biomechanics and sports medicine.

Every athlete has their own unique physical parameters, their own starting point and their own personal goals. Our Performance Packages enable our staff to work with you in a dynamic assessment process, using state-of-the art measurement technologies. Based on your individual needs, we can recommend active solutions ranging from strength and conditioning training to physical therapy, supportive equipment or professional referral.

Closely supervised at all times, the coach takes athletes through an intense 1-2 hour workout. Attention is always paid to proper technique and safety.

Rising Health offer one-on-one or group intensive training packages custom designed for player.

Areas of focus:

  • Instruction in multi-directional movement
  • Injury reduction: Identify and correct muscle imbalances, balance and stabilisation
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Linear and lateral speed development: That means movements forward, backward, upward, land, accelerate, and decelerate.
  • Sport relevant application drills
  • Strength and explosive power development
  • Conditioning
  • Neuromuscular training aimed to improve reaction time
  • Nutrition
  • Healthy Lifestyle habits