Tecar therapy 


Tecar Therapy

a painless therapy combining manual therapy with electrotherapy 

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Tecar or “capacitive and resistive electrical transfer” works by generating a physiological activation within the body’s internal tissues through three reactions: Microcirculation, Vasodilatation and Temperature increase . 

The medical effects  can used in  a thermal or non thermal way  for pain control, reduce  inflammation and regeneration. 

Tecar therapy transfers radiofrequency energy through tissue using either capacitive or resistive applicator. Capacitive mode is used to treat superficial structures, such as skin and muscles. Resistive way of application treats deep structures, such as deep muscles, tendons and bones. 

The tecar therapy  device mobilises electrolytes in biological tissue, and stimulates blood perfusion in carefully targeted parts of the body. The therapist can increase and control important body responses, achieving great results in terms of biomechanics, inflammatory process management, tissue oxygenation, regeneration and healing process support.

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